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Corporate Cab Services in Bangalore – Get Up to 70% off Guaranteed

Corporate Cab Services in Bangalore: The Best corporate cab service providers in the city of Bangalore make us to hard to find the best corporate cabs in Bangalore. To make it easy for you, is here where you will be able to find all types of Corporate Cab services.

The advent of city cabs has turned tedious travel into a panacea. To satiate all your cab travelling requirements, the Best Corporate Cab booking in Bangalore services provider takes a step forward to make your travel comfortable and hassle-free.

Do you want to book a cab for a business trip for your corporate group, corporate office trip? Then, visit the nearby regions like North Bangalore, Central Bangalore, South Bangalore, East Bangalore, West Bangalore? Then is a most useful and helpful site to get several cab services on their dedicated portal in various categories.

Bangalore is one of the most sought-after cities due to its favorable business environment. Corporate Cab booking in Bangalore, a city that needs no introduction, is a boon to the local businesses here, meeting the travel requirements of a variety of corporate clients.

We all know that corporate cab services are there in the city, but what about those who do not have time to call different companies and do comparison shopping. Many such corporates are looking for good quality and reliable service providers.

Need a Corporate Cab? Here are Some Tips to Get the Best for Rates: A blog that discusses both public and corporate cab services

Book a cab in Bangalore at and save yourself time, money, and effort. We click the button, and our drivers reach you just in 15 mins. Now don’t worry about taxi where to book, what is the cheapest to hire. Make your booking on and let the best corporate cab ride you anywhere in Bangalore.

Book a corporate cab from – a trusted online cab booking company in Bangalore, offered by CityLine Cabs Pvt Ltd. With more than 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. We offer the ultimate corporate cab services in Bangalore.

Cityline Cabs is the best corporate cab booking in Bangalore. We offer a large fleet of cabs for functions like weddings, business travels, corporate events, long-distance travel. We have special offers like exclusive deals and packages for cab rides, birthdays, and weekend events. Our drivers are experienced and professional. Booking a cab with us is always convenient. Whether you want to travel in town or to another city, you can always rely on us to provide efficient services.

Corporate Cab Services in Bangalore

Being one of the renowned organizations in the industry, Cityline Cabs Services engaged in providing a premium quality range of Corporate Car Rentals Service. Whether you are a small or medium business or any large corporate company, we provide Corporate Car Rental in Bangalore on short-term and long-term basis and ensure a comfortable and hassle-free travelling experience. Our professionals perform this service as per the requirements of our clients. Further, the provided service can be availed by our valuable client’s at most competitive price.

Our Corporate Car Rental in Bangalore, follow all the rules and regulations to provide high-end services, our clients range from private hires to corporate clients. We have extensive local knowledge and we pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and prompt. We offer a full range of highly professional luxury and semi luxury, sedan, SUV cab services.

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Cab booking in Bangalore has been made easier with City Line Cabs, which is a well-acquainted cab booking firm, also gives an option for a getaway weekend trip to nearby cities with cabs in Bangalore. Whether you are looking for local travel or nearby spots, you will get full support from Bharat Taxi. As taxi for a family tour or picnic reasons, it would be easier & affordable to make hire a car from us. With the help of taxi booking in Bangalore, we arrange the well-trained and professional drivers who assist you well. And, you avail the best traveling moments with the taxi Bangalore.

With City Line Cabs, you can book Bangalore cab services while visiting for pleasure or any business reasons. Also, make Bangalore taxi luxury car rentals for traveling. Bangalore has huge tourist arrivals from each part of the country. And by hiring taxi service in Bangalore, you can tour for nearby places without any hassle

Hatchback /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1700/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2100/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2700/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Sedan /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2240/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2480/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2960/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Prime Sedan/Similar: 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1600/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1920/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2880/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3520/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3920/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4720/-  Extra Km :  12/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

SUV/Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1700/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2100/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2400/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3000/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.3900/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

Corporate Cab Services in Bangalore – Force Tempo Traveller – Mini Bus

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2250/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2600/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3200/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3500/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4100/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3000/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3000/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3000/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3800/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 4200/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5000/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Force Tempo Traveller  AC : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3800/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 4600/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 5000/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5800/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Mini Bus Non  AC : 8Hrs /80 km – Rs.5500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 6740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 7440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9140/-  Extra Km :  25/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

Mini Bus AC :8Hrs /80 km – Rs.6500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 7740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 8440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9840/-  Extra Km :  27/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

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