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Our company is the largest taxi rental company in India. Taxis from KIAL cost Rs 8 per kilometer. With our well-trained and experienced drivers, we can keep our rates lower than any Car Rental Services or Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km across Bangalore. We will be happy to offer you our premium car rental services as per your requirements and budget.

When will you be travelling from Bangalore to Kempegowda International Airport? Don’t worry, I provide reliable taxi services to and from Bangalore and Kempegowda International Airport. Feel free to contact me for a quote of my economical service or schedule in advance through this site for a hassle-free

Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km

Kempegowda International Airport is one of the major airports in India. The Bangalore International Airport (KIA) is well connected to all the major cities of India through regular flights. The airport acts as a gateway for international travellers from different countries who land up in Bangalore. However, finding a taxi at the Bangalore Airport can be very stressful. Calling a cab for KIA can be time-consuming, and it can cost you too much money on rent.

We provide reliable Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km for all those groups or individuals who wish to travel from Bangalore city to Kempegowda International Airport. We have licensed and trained chauffeurs along with well-maintained vehicles to give you the freedom to explore and, at the same time, get you to your destination on time.

Do you want to take a cab ride from Bangalore to Kempegowda International Airport? If yes, we are one of the best taxi rental services in KIAL, offering Car Rental Services in KIAL, Bangalore, with affordable rent a car services. We offer you a wide range of options backed up by professional chauffeurs and well-maintained cars all over the city at economical rates. The Bangalore international airport is home to many cab companies, but most budget travellers prefer to take advantage of good car rental deals once they arrive.

best airport taxi bangalore – Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km

Hatchback /Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1300/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.1800/-, Extra Km Rs.10/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Sedan /Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1300/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.1800/-, Extra Km Rs.10/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Prime Sedan/Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.2000/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2000/-, Extra Km Rs.12/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

SUV/Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1800/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2500/-, Extra Km Rs.15/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1800/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2500/-, Extra Km Rs.15/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.3000/-, Extra Km Rs.20/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Force Tempo Traveller AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.3800/-, Extra Km Rs.20/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Mini Bus Non AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.5500/-, Extra Km Rs.25/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Mini Bus AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.6500/-, Extra Km Rs.27/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

outstation taxi service in bangalore

Hatchback Rs. 2800/- Per day Rental, Sedan Rs, 3050/- Per day Rental, Innova Rs. 4050/- Per day Rental, Innova Crysta Rs. 4300/- Per day Rental, Tavera Rs. 4300/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller Rs. 5200/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller AC Rs, 5800/- Per day, Minibus Rs. 7700/- Per rental day, Mini AC bus Rs. 8600/- Per rental day

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Hatchback AC 4 +1 Seater 10/- 250 Kms 300/-
Sedan 4 +1 Seater 11/- 250 Kms 300/-
Prime Sedan 4 +1 Seater 12/- 300 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7  Seater 14/- 250 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7 Seater 15.00/- 250 Kms 300/-


Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Tempo Traveller NON AC 12 +1 Seater 16.00/- 300 Kms 400/-
Tempo Traveller AC 12 +1 Seater 18.00/- 300 Kms 400/-
Mini Bus NON AC 21+1 Seater 24.00/- 300 Kms 500/-
Mini Bus AC 21+1 Seater 27.00/- 300 Kms 500/-

Local Cabs Rentals:

Hatchback /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1700/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2100/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2700/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Sedan /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2240/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2480/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2960/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Prime Sedan/Similar: 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1600/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1920/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2880/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3520/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3920/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4720/-  Extra Km :  12/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

SUV/Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1700/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2100/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2400/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3000/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.3900/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2250/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2600/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3200/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3500/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4100/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3000/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3000/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3000/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3800/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 4200/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5000/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Force Tempo Traveller  AC : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3800/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 4600/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 5000/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5800/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Mini Bus Non  AC : 8Hrs /80 km – Rs.5500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 6740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 7440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9140/-  Extra Km :  25/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

Mini Bus AC :8Hrs /80 km – Rs.6500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 7740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 8440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9840/-  Extra Km :  27/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

best cab for airport drop bangalore

Looking for car hire services? Book taxi online. We provide the best services for outstation and local city travel in India. Hire cabs at affordable rates from India’s most trusted intercity cab service; at your pickup location, destination, or airport. Get a quote instantly on Cityline Cabs Car Rental website. We’ll match it! Renting a car is easy, convenient & flexible with transparent billing.

Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km website to rent cabs in India. We have 1000+ cars of all classes to choose from, and 80 car rental locations conveniently spread across the country. With the widest fleet of cars to choose from, book airport taxis in India or outstation cabs rentals at the best rates with India’s fastest online cab booking system.

With our large fleet of luxury AC cabs, we can ensure reliable transportation at the best feasible rates. So whether you are looking for a one-way commute or a drive to multiple destinations, book now & enjoy hassle-free travelling. Cityline Cabs is an outstation taxi bookings platform, but it is an end-to-end solution that makes your journey memorable with its superior on-time reliability.

Choose a company that provides Airport Taxi Service, Outstation Cars & Local Cab Rental services. The company should provide good priced and reliable service at all times. It must thoroughly check the identity of the passengers before taking them anywhere. It should adopt strict quality control measures to ensure that the vehicles are stored in the cleanest condition and have all necessary facilities such as AC, Wi-Fi etc. that are required. If the company provides such a facility its mostly reserved for corporate customers

Descriptions :

Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km :Hire outstation taxi services provided by India’s only Global Intercity Taxi Network spans over North India, East India, West India and South India. Travel worry-free in Outstation cabs with hassle-free ground transport to and from the airport with the professional help of our travelers’ support desk. Book AC cabs online in all metro cities in North India, East India, West India and South India to get the best rates on intercity travels.

Taxi Rental Service BIAL Rs 8 Per Km :Book Airport Taxi Service, Car Rentals, Outstation Cabs and local cabs in India. Hire a trusted local car rental in your city from a leading intercity cab service provider with AC cabs, sedan cars and Innova Cars. Our services are available at city-to-city and airport to airport service between different cities at affordable rates.

You can now book rent taxi online in Bangalore. We provide all types of Out Station cars on hire within 5 Minutes of Pickup Guaranteed.

Find the best car rental at the best price.

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs Best Car Rentals is beneficial to clients as they are an affordable and easy rental service for their clients that provides them with exactly what they need at the best possible prices. Reliable and effortless, renting is a quick and easy way to find the best rental rates across the country. You can even compare the best rates in the industry through us, as some companies have access to the best car rental sites, saving you valuable time and money.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive car rental, a national car rental, or a business car rental, the company offers the best to assist you in your search. The customer gets good value for money. It only offers a comprehensive comparison of numerous products by scanning various websites that offer the best deals and can book directly with a particular service provider. Some companies maintain full transparency in their dealings, so the customer can be sure that their best interest was taken into account.

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs Companies have an interactive rating mechanism in which the customer can independently rate the car rental agency. The other characteristics of good services include the speed of service, availability of vehicles in excellent condition, most competitive rate quotes in the market, a courteous team of staff and above all, the satisfaction of the vehicle that most customers believe. It is the most important thing. The main focus of each company is customer satisfaction. You can visit their websites to give feedback that will give the rental company more information about the expectations of their customers.

How to get the best car rental deals around the Bangalore

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs top the best car rental deals, Starting from the mere idea of car rental offers? I’m sure, with 125 different currencies along with the different exchange rates affecting your final price.

The list of variables that will affect your price includes many factors that are not limited to the make and model of the car. These other factors may include the length of the rental, how far you will travel during that period, and whether the mileage is included or additional. Also, the time of year can make your car rental more expensive, for example, during peak tourist season.

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs There are all kinds of individual and corporate car rental customers. Some more or less don’t care about specific prices and are generally more concerned with the vehicle’s reliability and the car rental company.

No need to use a microscope to find cheap rental cars

On the one hand, you have clients who focus under a microscope on every detail, taking pride in a thorough analysis of as much detail as possible. Then there are the few who “haggling” is a long-standing tradition to be proud of. Last but not least, you have the largest group of customers who are not hard-core “buyers” who rely on their instincts or previous experience to guide their decision.

Performing a comprehensive comparison of car rental rates without help can be a monumental task, even if you consider that if you are travelling to Bangalore, the rental rates for Chennai will not be a factor. However, even with that comparison factor removed, it is still an important project.

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs The global car rental industry sympathizes with corporate and individual consumers and has developed competitive ways to help the consumer deal with this dilemma. The trick for the industry is to do comparative shopping for the consumer while offering the consumer the widest selection possible.

One international company, in particular, saw this problem as a real opportunity to help its potential customers. So they invested time, money, and staff resources to develop India’s largest car rental inventory Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs. Its Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs contains more than 550 leading car rental companies with more than 20,000 locations around India, creating the largest price comparison system available.

The system was built to accommodate pricing, availability, local policies and procedures, contract terms, and more to complete the package. Then, immediately, confirmation and all online, in just a couple of minutes!

Use the best car rental deals. 

This is the best car rental deal comparison tool, and consumers love it. Make a smart decision knowing you have the best deal, and make sure of your choice.

Use the industry’s largest Cabsrental. Cityline Cabs to quickly find and book the best car rental deals. Compare prices, check availability, select pickup and drop-off cities instantly. Rest assured that you will get the best discount car rental

Affordable Car Rental – What You Can Get for the Money

Too many people assume that vehicle hire services are expensive. In Bangalore, the selection of different options is much more affordable than people might realize. You can get so many included features and benefits with a car hire on your holiday as long as you can take the time to look. If you want to find an affordable car rental in Bangalore, you don’t have to look very far at all. You need to find the available companies, narrow them down based on a few different elements, and choose the best one for you.

Think about which part of the state you are arriving into or staying in first. For instance, if you are arriving in Christchurch, try and find a company located near the airport. This will not only save you time travelling to pick up the vehicle, but it saves you from having to travel into the city, for example, only to turn around and have to locate your accommodation or exit route.

Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs With an affordable car rental in Bangalore, you can get various benefits. You can often find rentals with unlimited kilometer’s, free rental nights after you pay for so many, and other benefits and included features that you are sure to love. Car hire services offer great deals on top-rate amenities and the most inclusive rental car selections, giving you everything you are looking for and more at prices that you are sure to love.

If you are trying to save money on your car rentals

there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you’re getting the best deals available. Cabsrental. in and Cityline Cabs Affordable car rental in Bangalore is available to everyone, but you can get better deals by doing certain things. For example, book your rental online and well in advance of your trip. You’ll usually get discounted rates for booking online or find better deals because you are planning. Also, since cars are less demanded during off-peak months, you can find lower prices on your rentals all over the country.

If you need more ways to save with affordable car rental in Bangalore, consider Cabsrental. Cityline Cabs is renting a smaller car. Remember always to plan and find every way possible to save money because there are plenty of different ways to choose. Don’t limit yourself to a specific car rental service or type of car until you check out all of your options, either. Getting affordable rentals is simple as long as you are willing to look.

We also provide items like Best Video Coach and hygienic with experienced driver for travellers to Tour Package, bus rental Hotel Booking, SUV and Sedan, tempo traveller, Outstation, Local or airport transfers and Wedding and Events Car rental service From Bengaluru, with Hassle-free Booking & Billing and Comfortable journey and Affordable Pricing… Up to 70% Discounts


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