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North Goa Darshan Cabs : Goa is best holiday destination for everyone. Explore the rich past of our wonderful state. Discover the magnificent architecture of Goa’s churches, the historical and the famous monuments, Goa buffets and trip plans will fill every young heart and elder ones with memories for a lifetime. The Goa menu is the best way to make a vacation at Goa. Enjoy South Goa Tour Package with your family and friends by booking taxi or cab services at Citylinecabs

North Goa Darshan Cabs Description

Goa has stunning beaches, unique forts, churches, excellent hotels, and gastronomy to enjoy with your family. The state’s plenty of monuments will lure history lovers. Local sightseeing taxi services are available for all tourist attractions of Goa. Hire a local taxi or a cab with us and enjoy the city’s beauty by visiting our museums, markets, restaurants, waterfalls, and more.

Goa is one of the most beautiful states in India, with beautiful beaches, and it’s perfect for solo travelers, couples, and families. One of the most sought-after destinations for many tourists from all walks of life, Goa is blessed with rich natural beauty and architectural splendor. Its proximity to Western and Northern India makes it a sought-after place where people from these regions and many others go on vacations every year.

North Goa Tour – North Goa Darshan Cabs

North Goa Darshan Cabs : South Goa is famous for its places of tourist interest and long-spread pristine beaches. Several churches will attract you. When you visit South Goa, you must visit Benaulim, Bogmalo, Chandor, Arossim, Patnem, Majorda, Agonda, Colomb, Colva, Varca, Cavelossim, Loutolim, Mobor, Vasco Da Gama, and Assolna.

Beaches and a vibrant lifestyle are what Goa is all about you. It is considered to be one of the best holiday destinations for fun-loving people in India. South Goa also receives the maximum number of foreign tourists in India. It is one of the best places to unwind yourself away from the stress of work life.

What are the places to explore on the South Goa sightseeing tour?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : Sightseeing in South Goa will cover multiple exciting places, including Old Goa Church, St. Xavier Body, Mangeshi Temple, Dona Paula, Miramar Beach, Balaji Temple, and finally drop at the hotel.

Goa is the second most popular tourist destination in India. The Goa tour package is a great way to make your vacation beautiful and memorable. Goa is famous for its beaches, churches, temples, and monuments. The climate of Goa is pleasant throughout the year. The Goa sightseeing and tour packages are the best way to experience Goa.

Is South Goa better or North Goa?

Both North and South Goa are good in their ways as they have their flavors. On a broader aspect, Goa is all about having fun on the beautiful beaches, chilling out with your loved ones, and having some of the best beer.

If it is your first time to Goa, then it is at all times advised to go to North Goa first and then to south Goa as the real party scenes are in North Goa, and South Goa is calmer.

 How can I go to South Goa?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : South Goa has very good connectivity with all the important cities. You can reach South Goa by air, train, and road.

-The nearest airport is Dabolim. It is only 23 km away from South Goa.

-If you are traveling by train, then the nearest railway station to South Goa is Magaon. It is one of the biggest stations of Goa as it is a point of intersection of the Konkan Railway and South Western Railway.

-South Goa also has good road connectivity with all the nearby cities like Mangalore, Bhatkal, Udupi, Karwar, Kumta, Ratnagiri, and Mumbai. You can take NH66 from Mumbai to reach South Goa. The same highway also connects many other important places of Goa.

How is the weather in South Goa?

The weather in Goa is very moderate. It is highly influenced by its location on the west coast of India, with the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. It is not very hot in summer and not very cold in the winters.

Winters are very pleasant because of the warm breeze flowing from the Arabian sea. The chilly north winds don’t reach Goa in the winters, and the hot air from the deserts in Rajasthan doesn’t reach Goa. All this makes the climate of Goa best suited for outdoor fun and adventure. 

Is South Goa safe?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : South Goa is very safe for tourists. The beaches in South Goa are not as crowded as that of North Goa. The beaches are very clean and are less occupied. You can spend a good time with your loved ones without being disturbed by anyone.

If you plan for group tours, then you would not have any problem regarding your safety. However, you need to be a bit careful if you are planning to go solo. As the beach has fewer tourists, it is advised not to be on the beach for long or late at night.

What things are cheap in South Goa?

Goa has several shopping junctions from where you can get all the tidbits you need at a comparatively cheaper rate. However, certain things are available at a lesser price than any other place.

You can get various seafood, gifts, souvenirs, and much more at a very low price. All these items will certainly improve the overall setting beauty of your household. One more thing that is available at a cheaper price is alcohol. 

Is South Goa worth visiting?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : Unlike the North part of Goa which is widely popular for its nightlife and beach parties, the south part of Goa is quiet and calm. This is a place away from the crowd and noise, and here you can enjoy some quaint time with yourself and your loved one enjoying the South Goa sightseeing.

Apart from enjoying pristine beaches, you can also enjoy the exquisite delicacies served at some famous restaurants in South Goa.

Sightseeing in South Goa also includes some of the oldest churches of the entire Goa, and you can find some most exclusive collections to shop from.

Is South Goa expensive?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : South Goa sightseeing is comparatively priced on a higher-end, unlike North Goa, which offers things at a lesser price. But, sightseeing in South Goa ensures alone time all by yourself.

Hotels are more luxurious, and so are their prices; casinos are up-notch and serve a rich clientele, markets are up-scale, so the prices of goods are higher, etc., so as a result, South Goa turns out to be expensive.

 How far is South Goa from the airport?

The nearest airport is Dabolim. It is only 23 km away from South Goa

What is the best time to visit South Goa?

The best time to visit South Goa would be between November and March. It is the time in which the climatic condition of South Goa remains moderate and makes it just wonderful for tourists to move about in and around the city, exploring the significant tourist attraction and relaxation sessions at the beaches.

This is the time frame in which a huge number of tourists visit Goa.

 Is Baga beach in south Goa?

No, Baga Beach is not located in the South Goa district. It is located in the North Goa district. Baga is a seaside township that comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute.

You don’t need to worry about joining this South goa sightseeing tour package if you reside in North Goa because the tourist vehicle will start picking up guests from North Goa.

What attractions will we cover in the South Goa Sightseeing tour?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : In this South goa sightseeing package, you will be covering all the major tourist destinations of the city like Miramar Beach, Dona Paula, Old Goa Churches, Basilica Boom, Se Cathedral, St. Augustine Tower, Mangeshi Temple, and Balaji Temple.

The total activity duration will be 10 hours, starting from 9 AM and ending at 7 PM.

How do you travel between South Goa sightseeing attractions?

South Goa Darshan Cabs  : In the South goa sightseeing package, you can choose to travel in any of the two options:

Group tour by bus or Private tour by car. You will be picked up from the designated landmark at the given time as per the schedule and then will take you through places like Miramar Beach, Dona Paula, Old Goa Churches, Basilica Boom, Se Cathedral, St. Augustine Tower, Mangeshi Temple, and Balaji Temple.

 Can you do a day trip to South Goa?

North Goa Darshan Cabs :Yes, you can do a South goa sightseeing full-day tour, cover most of its important places of tourist attraction, and spend some time in its long stretched coastline. South Goa district is covered with several tourist attractions like Miramar Beach, Dona Paula, Old Goa Churches, Basilica Boom, Se Cathedral, St. Augustine Tower, Mangeshi Temple, and Balaji Temple.

You will be able to cover all these places in a single day in a group AC bus tour or a private AC Car tour. You can hop on the sightseeing tour from any of these pickup points near Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Sinquerim, and Nerul.

 Is the South Goa sightseeing tour safe for solo and female travelers?

Yes, Goa is a safe place for solo and female travelers who wish to come over to this party destination of India. Being a hotspot for tourists all through the air, it is very safe, and the crime rates are relatively low. The city never sleeps, and this makes those late-night outs safe.

However, you should at all times be vigilant about your belongings and personal safety. If you sense a bit of danger, you can immediately get in touch with the police administration for help.

Are there any kinds of meals included in the South Goa sightseeing package?

No, meals are not included in this South Goa Sightseeing package tour. But you will still be able to delight your taste buds with the widely renowned mouthwatering Goa foods. In the course of the sightseeing tour, you will stop at some of the designated spots for having your lunch.

The enticing Goa cuisine will surely entice your senses and make you fall in love with the taste of the delicacies.

Is there any guide included in the South Goa sightseeing package?

Yes, there is a tour guide included in the South Goa Sightseeing Package tour. The well-conversed English-speaking guide will accompany you and will take you to all the significant focal points of tourist attraction and explain to you its detailed history and heritage.

Which beaches will be covered on the South Goa Sightseeing tour?

North Goa Darshan Cabs : South Goa is a heaven for beach lovers because of its surreal landscapes.

In this South Goa sightseeing package, you will be able to cover Miramar Beach and some other important beach destinations. South Goa is home to numerous beaches like Mobor Beach, Palolem Beach, Varca Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Betalbatim Beach, Agonda Beach, Majorda Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Colva Beach, Patnem Beach, Polem Beach, Talpona Beach, Betul beach, Galgibaga beach, and Benaulim Beach,

What are South Goa Sightseeing tour timings?

South Goa Sightseeing tour starts from 9 AM and goes on till 7 PM. These 10 hours will be amazing, and you will have the time of your life.

What are the pickup points for the South Goa Sightseeing tour?

There are quite a few pickup points for the South Goa Sightseeing tour for the journey to begin. These include Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Sinquerim, and Nerul.

 What vehicles are provided in the South Goa Sightseeing package?

For the group tour, AC buses are provided in the South Goa Sightseeing package whereas, for a private tour, AC cars are provided for this crazy journey.


Instead of being confined within the car by a driver, you can now be in charge and drive your vehicle. It can be a fun challenge to drive a car for hire. The South Goa Darshan Cabs and Goa Local Sightseeing Taxi ensures its client that he will be in control and the right place at the right time. No 104, Ist Floor, Premier Presidency, Langford Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore-560027 India call +917899219654 Via WhatsApp – 07899219654 Website:



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