One-Way Car Rental from Bangalore – One-Way Car Rentals Bangalore


One-Way Car Rental from Bangalore

Cityline Cabs is dedicated to providing a 24×7 taxi service in Bangalore to meet the travel needs of all types of customers. A variety of vehicles are available for local excursions, One-Way Car Rental Bangalore including hatchbacks, limousines, SUVs, and speed travellers. Cityline Cabs offers hourly and package rental services in Bangalore for those looking for a convenient way to travel.

With the convenience of an hourly taxi service, Cityline Cabs is perfect for business and professional travellers. By renting a taxi, we ensure that you can attend meetings, conferences and do your official work without using public transport or using taxi services in different locations. We guarantee you a safe and comfortable journey with our certified chauffeurs and efficient service for a whole day in the taxi.

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore – Hassle-Free Booking

You can book our taxi service in the city for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 12 hours without waste your hard-earned money. Whether you want to get to your important meeting on time, catch your early morning flight, or spend your free time with your loved ones in Ulsoor or Lake Cubbon Park, rent our listed car rental service for a hassle-free travel experience.

We have many destinations around the world and it is important that you do not empty your pockets when choosing the right car rental in Bangalore. Whether it’s shops, theme parks, restaurants, waterfalls, aquariums, lakes, museums, attractions, amusement parks, gardens, car rental, or if you prefer to drive a driving car, never ignore it. There are many companies that offer car rentals in Bangalore, but there are certain qualities that distinguish our list of car rentals.

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore – Get up to 70% off

Other benefits offered include no mileage restrictions, 24 / 7 roadside assistance, discounts on car rental, and delivery fees that are available if it is a simple car rental. and are some of the best one-way car rentals as they are available in both southern India and northern India. This offers not only flexibility but also a wide range of products.

One-way car rental is a recent development in the industry, where renting a car and parking in an alternative location costs an expensive extra. Renting a simple car is an easy and convenient way to reach your destination if you travel with a lot of luggage. You can book taxis for your holiday or business trip for one or more days in Bengaluru or a nearby city or city.

Cityline Cabs offers affordable, high-quality, and luxurious taxi rentals for locals and trips to over 3000 cities along over 50,000 routes across India. If you prefer to rent a particular car brand such as Innova, Swift, or Dzire, book our insured limousines or insured SUV taxis in this category. For those who need something different from other extravagant car rental companies, there are some well-known taxi models in addition to Indica, Etios, Innova, and Brisk.

One-Way Car Rental from

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore – Best One way Car rental Deals

We are one of those fine service providers for self-driving cars under the brand name Cityline Cabs, an organization based in Bangalore. We are India’s leader in one-way travel, where you pay in one direction and travel in one direction. In addition to a one-way AC taxi service, we also offer roundtrip packages, tours, and all kinds of customizations to suit your travel needs to any city or city in India.

If you’re new to Book A taxis, don’t forget to get Seventy percent cashback on your first booking. One Way Drop-off Taxi is a name that comes to mind when thinking about taxi hire in Bangalore. It helps those who want to travel to southern India at an affordable price.

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore – comfortable with affordable Price

With our easy and best online taxi booking, you can book your taxi from Bangalore to Salem in advance with just a few basic things and take advantage of hassle-free car rental. Travelling from Salem to Bangalore with Droptaxi24x7 is a flawless journey. In Salem there are one-way taxis, time for calls, distances, and distances are fixed and conditions are split between Bangalore and Salem, cheap taxis, approximate kilometers, and taxis in branch offices.

Book hourly city car rental and intercity taxi services with Cityline Cabs at affordable rates. During the pandemic, Cityline Cabs has taken precautions to ensure a safe journey by disinfecting and disinfecting your car journey. Book sanitized and sanitized rental cars in the city with a driver for a safe journey from Bangalore to excursions with Cityline Cabs across India.

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore- the lowest Fares from Bangalore

If the vehicle breaks down, breakdown assistance will be provided by the car rental company to ensure that you are completely at ease. To get started, enter your pick-up location and specify where you would like to pick up the car (airport address). There are many circumstances in which you would like to rent a vehicle in one place and return it to another.

Fill in the rest of the required information such as date, time, vehicle type, contact information, and check your email inbox to get a quote for an easy rental. A simple car rental is based on a one-time delivery fee, a mileage fee, and a rental fee.

The Cityline Cabs team is always on the lookout for the best possible prices when booking a one-way round trip. Through daily practice, Free award days can be used for local rentals, and for simple rentals you can count on minimal local taxes.

One-Way and Roundtrip Lowest Price

Vehicle Type Passenger Capacity Per Km Rate Round trip
Tata Indica 4 passengers 16 10
Tata Indigo 4 passengers 16 10
Swift Dzire 4 passengers 18 12
Toyota Etios 4 passengers 18 12
Ertiga 6 Seater 6 passengers 22 13
Mahindra Xylo 6 passengers 24 13
Toyota Innova 6 / 7 passengers 24 14
Toyota Innova 7 Seater 6/  7 passengers 28 15

Outstation Lowest Fares from Bangalore

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Hatchback AC 4 passengers ₹ 10/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 300/-
Sedan 4 passengers ₹ 10/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 300/-
Prime Sedan 4 passengers ₹ 12/- Per Km 300 Kms ₹ 300/-
SUV 6 /7 passengers ₹ 14/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 300/-
SUV 6 /7 passengers ₹ 15.00/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 300/-

One-Way Car Rental Bangalore  – One-Way Car Rentals from Bangalore

The technology has enabled us to integrate a network that serves different customers, from one-way taxis to return trips. To make your trip easier and more rewarding, we offer high-quality services with a variety of benefits to enhance your experience. For those who would like to offer you incredible car rentals, please quote the best prices below.

For a better work-life balance, people prefer to travel to cities where they can have a good time in a quiet and serene environment. If someone decides to explore a place where traffic is congested and there is no public transport in the city, that is a bad idea.

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