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Introduction – India’s Leading Car Rentals

CityLine is India’s leading Car Rentals startup with an excellent reputation for offering the best luxury & budget car rental services at competitive rates to our customers. We provide in-cities and outstation car rentals to customers with our attractive rate plans. The best part is that you can choose from a wide range of comfortable & spacious vehicles to travel hassle-free from your desired location in just a few clicks! Inside the city, we offer AC cabs with clean cars, courteous drivers and transparent billing at very reasonable rates. In addition, our easy bookings enable you to rent airport taxis/cabs, railway station taxi services and even explore the option of hiring private/mini cabs alongside hiring luxury cars.

Welcome to India’s Leading Car Rentals – Cityline Cabs, one of the most trusted and preferred Online Cabs Rental Agencies in India offering outstation and local car rentals. We provide premium quality chauffeured limousine services across Indian cities. Our fleet consists of the latest model sedans, luxury cars, to exotic sports cars.

India’s Leading Car Rentals  Cityline Cabs provides Attractive Outstation Cab Rental services with Online Booking, Local, and outstation cab booking services in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow etc.

Introduction - India's Leading Car

The Lowest Fares for Outstation Car Rental – India’s Leading Car Rentals

Hatchback Rs. 2800/- Per day Rental, Sedan Rs, 3050/- Per day Rental, Innova Rs. 4050/- Per day Rental, Innova Crysta Rs. 4300/- Per day Rental, Tavera Rs. 4300/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller Rs. 5200/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller AC Rs, 5800/- Per rental day, Minibus Rs. 7700/- Per rental day, Mini AC bus Rs. 8600/- Per rental day

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM  Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Hatchback AC 4 +1 Seater 10/- Per Km  250 Kms 300/-
Sedan 4 +1 Seater 11/- Per Km  250 Kms 300/-
Prime Sedan 4 +1 Seater 12/- Per Km  300 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7  Seater 15/- Per Km  250 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7 Seater 16.00/- Per Km 250 Kms 300/-


Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM  Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Tempo Traveller NON AC 12 +1 Seater 16.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Tempo Traveller AC 12 +1 Seater 18.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Mini Bus NON AC 21+1 Seater 24.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-
Mini Bus AC 21+1 Seater 27.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-

The Lowest Fares for Local Car Rental – India’s Leading Car Rentals

Hatchback /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1700/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2100/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2700/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Sedan /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2240/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2480/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2960/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-

Prime Sedan/Similar: 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1600/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1920/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2880/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3520/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3920/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4720/-  Extra Km :  12/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

SUV/Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1700/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2100/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2400/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3000/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.3900/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2250/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2600/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3200/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3500/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4100/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3000/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3000/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3000/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3800/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 4200/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5000/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Force Tempo Traveller  AC : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3800/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 4600/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 5000/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5800/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Mini Bus Non  AC : 8Hrs /80 km – Rs.5500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 6740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 7440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9140/-  Extra Km :  25/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

Mini Bus AC :8Hrs /80 km – Rs.6500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 7740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 8440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9840/-  Extra Km :  27/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

The Lowest Fares for Airport Taxi Rental – India’s Leading Car Rentals

Hatchback /Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1300/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2000/-, Extra Km Rs.10/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Sedan /Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.1300/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2000/-, Extra Km Rs.10/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Prime Sedan/Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.2000/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2000/-, Extra Km Rs.12/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

SUV/Similar: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.2000/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2800/-, Extra Km Rs.15/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera: Limit Km – 45 Km, One Way Trip – Rs.2000/-, Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.2800/-, Extra Km Rs.15/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.3000/-, Extra Km Rs.20/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Force Tempo Traveller AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.3800/-, Extra Km Rs.20/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer

Mini Bus Non AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.5500/-, Extra Km Rs.25/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Mini Bus AC: Limit Km, 80km, Round trip- Rs.6500/-, Extra Km Rs.27/-, Toll and Parking Optionable By customer 

Description – India’s Leading Car Rentals

India’s Leading Car Rental Company hires good and Honest Drivers for their Drivers Local Cityline Hire Outstation and Local AC cabs with Attractive Rates, Clean Cars, Courteous Drivers & Transparent Billing.

Cityline provide outstation and local cabs with affordable rates, travel in style with its wide range of luxury cars like Sedan, SUV”s, Toyota Innova and Crysta Tavera’s, Tempo Traveller and Mini Bus and swift dezire etc. In addition, India’s Leading Car Rental Company Cityline offers Online Booking for Cab Hire & Bus Hire for Travelling Out of the city. With services available all over India.

Car Rental India – India’s Leading Car Rentals

Citylinecabs Car rental service Pvt Ltd offers an opportunity to the visitors to come and explore the unparalleled, incredible, incomparable, exciting, remarkably inspiring in India. Citylinecabs Car rental service Pvt Ltd, an esteemed tour and travel company, offers car rental services throughout India with great pride and privilege.

Car Rental India: We offer Car and luxury coaches online bookings throughout India with special packages for Delhi Car Rentals and Mumbai. So get ready for the time of your life and enjoy your holidays with unmatched quality services at the most affordable prices.

Our car rental service offers the guests many excursion trips. Being one of the leading travel agents in India with a head office at Citylinecabs Car rental service Pvt Ltd Bangalore., it is known for providing the best car rental services to travellers. We provide the rental cars to our customers and the necessary information about the destination to be travelled to. The company believes in the policy of providing the best possible services at a competitive price. Therefore, our car rental packages are designed and customized to cater for the needs of various types of tourists, from those who want luxurious trips to budget cautious travellers. These car rentals are specifically designed to let you have the time of your life.


Delhi, the heart of India, the capital city, represents a blend of ancient architecture and modernization. Through the rental Car’s services provided by the Flexi tours, you enjoy your visit to this city of monuments, forts, temples and buildings and explore the culture of this vibrant city by becoming a part of it.


Chennai is a metropolitan city in the southern region of India. It is among the fast developing cities of India yet strongly adheres to its age-old customs and traditions. Our rentals car services offer esteemed services to the travellers to explore this city of temples famous for its warmth and hospitality.


Mumbai, which is previously known as Bombay, is known as the business capital of India and a major center of attraction due to the Film industry. Flexi tours provide you with the greatest car rentals service that helps you explore this city’s vitality and vibrancy to its core.


Kerala is also referred to as Gods own country. The favourable climatic conditions are one of the reasons why tourists choose to visit Kerala at any time of the year. Kerala is an amazing landscape of Palm-fringed beaches, enthralling lakes and rivers, pristine backwaters, enchanting forests and a silent valley.


Coorg Tourism offers splendid natural beauty and a lot of greenery and scenery on display. This place has a calming and relaxing effect on tourists. Coorg is also known as the Kashmir of the South due to its extraordinary natural beauty. There are beautiful coffee and spice plantations in Coorg. There are beautiful waterfalls like Abbey Falls and the majestic river Kaveri. It is free of the pollution and noise of the city. There are beautiful places to visit in Coorg where this beauty is on display, like Mandalpatti and Thadiyandamol.


The Nilgiri Mountain Range spans across the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Nestled among these charming mountains is the popular town of Udhagamandalam, better known as Ooty. Founded by the British in the 19th century, it is today one of India’s most popular tourist destinations.

There are various tourist places in Ooty for visitors. The Ooty Botanical Gardens are famous all over India for the enormous variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, creepers and various other exotic and indigenous plants. It is a well-maintained garden and one of the most popular tourist places in Ooty that offers a visual delight to travellers.


Chikmagalur is a Kannada word that means the town of a younger daughter. Chikmagalur is located 250 kms northwest of Bangalore, well known for its coffee as they are the largest producer of coffee in India. Chikmagalur is also renowned for its verdant hills, thick forests and the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation, especially the coffee and spice plantations.


As the curvy, winding ghat roads take you up to the quaint hill station of Kodaikanal, you are instantly hit by the refreshing smell of pine trees. It is no wonder that the name Kodaikanal translates to ‘Gift of the forest’. Engulfed by misty mountains and seemingly endless stretches of forests and wildflowers, Kodaikanal radiates a soul-warming tranquillity. Despite the touristy crowds and colour-coordinated honeymooners that continue to flock here, Kodaikanal never fails to impress. From the archetypical sunset and sunrise points to hidden trekking trails to exotic cheeses and chocolates, at Kodaikanal, there’s something for everyone. So here’s our list of some of the must-visit places and things to do that are sure to make your trip to Kodaikanal truly memorable.

India’s Leading Car Rentals and Local Cab Services

We are  Car Rentals, an online cab booking aggregator, providing customers with reliable and premium Intercity and Local car rental services. Over the last decade, we are uniquely placed as the largest chauffeur-driven car rental company in India in terms of geographical reach.

A road trip is one of the most exciting ways to travel the length and breadth of India. There’s always something to look at, something to explore and to experience. Because we love travelling by road so much, we’ve been striving to make sure you have a great experience too. We wanted more of you to go on a road trip and more of you to experience the same joys of travel that we do. So instead of driving, why not sit back and take our chauffeur driven cabs on your next vacation? We believe that the time you spend on your holiday should be entirely yours. So now, we are in 1000+ cities across India – to help you travel to wherever your heart desires.

Benefits – India’s Leading Car Rentals

We love that you’re free to stop to breathe in clean air, learn about cultures and taste local food when you travel by cabs. We love that these wholesome experiences make travelling better and enrich our lives. We live for the surprises we find on road trips.

To make planning your vacation more accessible, you can book a cab with ease on our website, or call us on 7899219654 if you’d like to discuss your itinerary with our executives in detail. When you book an outstation cab with us, we’ll send you a travel kit and help you plan your itinerary. We also have a handy cab booking website that will further reduce the hassles of booking a trip with us.

Furthermore, our expert drivers will guide you through some of the best experiences India has to offer. Finally, when you make a booking with us when you get back home, we’ll make sure you have a great road trip.

Are you planning a weekend getaway?

Our outstation cab services will help you explore the best destinations, visit all the must-see places and taste the best local food.

Did you land at an airport or railway station closest to your destination?

No problem! You can use our airport taxi—the transit pick-up service to cover the last mile. We’ll get you to your destination and show you some of the best sights along the way.

Are you planning on traveling home for a family get-together?

Try our newly introduced one-way cab services – no matter where you live, get dropped to your hometown by paying the only one-side fare.

Decided to take a personal day and spend the whole day exploring your city?

Our local taxi packages will help you explore the best places to eat and drink, some of the city’s majestic monuments, greenest parks, and oldest temples. You’ll never have to worry about an empty travel itinerary again.

Are you an offbeat traveler?

We offer one-way drops on several routes if you only want to be dropped to a destination and don’t want to look back

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