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Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental is one of the best vehicles to rent for your Outstation Tourism and events day in Bangalore. Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus provides both AC and Non-AC bus services. Your trip will be more comfortable and pleasant with you around 25 seaters and 57 seaters luxury buses. Do you need transport for your Outstation trips or Private events like Birthday parties, Marriage ceremonies or Corporate Events in Bangalore? We at Bharat Benz provide bus rental services in Bangalore for all your transportation needs. We offer the best vehicle rental services for you to book online.

Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore

Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore offers you the best services for your events, packages tours to the field trip or any other day out in Bangalore. Your events journey can be made memorable by booking this bus for your next big family travel to Bangalore. Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore, Travelers, prefer to travel with friends and family members. One of the most comfortable and affordable buses is great for a Tourism trip or family outing. You can enjoy a superb road trip with your family. Bharat Benz, 25 seater buses, are one of the best bus designs for comfort that you can find anywhere in India. They are very spacious and offer ample legroom for every passenger.

Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore Lowest Rental Price

Minibus Rs. 7700/- Per rental day, Mini AC bus Rs. 8600/- Per rental day

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM  Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Tempo Traveller NON AC 12 +1 Seater 16.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Tempo Traveller AC 12 +1 Seater 18.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Mini Bus NON AC 21+1 Seater 24.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-
Mini Bus AC 21+1 Seater 27.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-

Most of the car rental companies are present on various online platforms where you can find it easy to find them easily. A lot of them have their branch offices in the city and you can avail their services through them. It will be much easier for you to find the best vehicle for your needs as you can easily check the eligibility of the car you are booking online. They will inform you about the services that they offer and the vehicles that they offer at the best rates. One can avail the car rental services in the city during the festive seasons and during festivals to reduce the congestion on roads. One can avail of the insurance services as well. They assure you of 24×7 customer care service


Cab booking in Bangalore has been made easier with City Line Cabs, which is a well-acquainted cab booking firm, also gives an option for a getaway weekend trip to nearby cities with cabs in Bangalore. Whether you are looking for local travel or nearby spots, you will get full support from As taxi for a family tour or picnic reasons, it would be easier & affordable to make hire a car from us. With the help of taxi booking in Bangalore, we arrange the well trained and professional drivers who assist you well. And, you avail the best traveling moments with the taxi Bangalore.

With City Line Cabs, you can book Bangalore cab services while visiting for pleasure or any business reasons. Also, make Bangalore taxi luxury car rentals for traveling. Bangalore has huge tourist arrivals from each part of the country. And by hiring taxi service in Bangalore, you can tour for nearby places without any hassle

Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore – Hassle free Booking

If you are planning a long trip that will take more than two days, it may be best to rent a comfortable bus service by providing comfortable seating and seats inside the bus. Although these buses will be expensive, they are not worth the money, as people will not suffer much on their travels. Most of the long journeys will require us to stay on our bus for many hours of travel. In such cases, we can keep people happy by using other resources such as entertainment consoles. Fun features on the bus include large televisions, DVD players, etc. Renting a bus with hygienic equipment will be better, as it will save you a lot of time by avoiding the usual stops. Rental services will only rent a bus or driver and bus. It is always best to find a driver if you are traveling to an unfamiliar area.

It would be better if your driver could also do the job of a tour guide. It will make your trip more organized and can take you to places where you can make your shopping and sightseeing.

Why use Bus rental services for travel

There are many companies and services throughout the city and country that provide taxi rental services suitable for tourists and attending events and weddings. These small vessels are available in a variety of sizes ranging from eight to twenty-four. Most of these trainers can be easily operated, but cab and driver hire services are also available. Due to the size and flexibility of these small vessels, they can be operated at night and easily. This is a cheap and hassle-free way to travel. No one can drive a 16 or 18-seat car, so you must be at least 25 years old, have good driving experience, and have clear driving licenses. Most of these minis have full insurance included in the costs, but your goods are not covered by insurance, and most of these vehicles are available daily for unlimited miles.

Renting a cab? Consideration to be taken

There are so many situations that you may need to rent a cab. You might consider airport transfers, school transportation, or the need to take a group on a tour among many other needs. Fortunately, it is easy to find companies that offer rental cars and you can choose a taxi that you think will meet your needs effectively. Ensuring that everyone feels comfortable in the end

Chauffeur Services

When you rent a bus, you have the option of hiring a driver from a company that provides you with services or you can choose to drive it yourself. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing the services of motorists and you should consider all of them and make your choice. If you prefer to drive yourself, make sure your company approves of this and what the requirements are before you can be trusted to manage a minibus.

Hiring times

Many service providers have low and high rental hours and may participate in the taxis you hire. Finding out about rental times and their attractive payments will help you choose the right time frame for rental purposes and your financial limitations. Exceeding such times means additional costs so choose the program that is best for you.

The final location in the air conditioning system is one of the factors to consider when looking at a bus. They can determine the levels of comfort and ease during travel. It is also important to check the physical condition of the bus so that you do not end up being blamed for the damage that was not done when the bus was under you. Check your preferred bus before renting and if possible, go check to see if you will be driving to be sure of the situation.

Need Bharat Benz 25 Seater Bus Rental in Bangalore

India is the single largest tourist destination in the world, with one million tourists traveling to the country every day. It is not unusual to find a Cityline cabs travel agency in any major city, with well-dressed, comfortable tourists outnumbering residents. The overwhelming demand for travel to India creates opportunities for travel agents. These agencies usually focus on two types of tourism: holiday travel and independent tours. The latter is a popular niche to tap into and it includes both photography and culinary tours. There are Cityline cabs travel agencies in Bangalore that can help you plan an itinerary, booking flight tickets, finding accommodation, sightseeing tours, and event ticket sales. Before you start planning your trip, there are some points to consider

Where do you wish to visit?

Choosing a city to visit or a destination is often based on the type of trip you are planning to make. The choice of place also depends on your location. You should plan to visit the north or the east or the south. This ensures that you get a complete experience in terms of cultural experiences, geography, and landscape.

Where do you want to spend your free time? 

If you want to relax, then the city of Bangalore has some wonderful places to spend your free time. Most of the areas have high-quality restaurants and clubs. If you prefer to spend your free time exploring the city, there are many different modes of transport you can choose from to get around. The best way to do that is to opt for bicycles. Bangalore has a lot of cycle shops that are willing to help you get a bicycle and rent it out to you. If you prefer walking, Bangalore also has many beautiful parks that are perfect for that purpose. This also means that you can have a drink in the parks.  On weekends, Bangalore is known for a lot of street parties. Most of these street parties are organized by local NGOs and local businesses.

Cityline cabs in Bengaluru/Karnataka is one of the quality service providers of tourist Bus on Rent/Hire. which we provide passenger bus on rental basis. We offer you top class travel Services with very good number of well-maintained Premium Economy Executive mini bus ranges. If you are find a comfortable and classy mini bus for then you contact for Touristic. Cityline Cabs is one of the best when it comes to provision of transportation services for people who love to travel together and they can’t be contained in small cars. There are others who would like to attend special events together such as weddings and trips. Such people also find our services to be very convenient.


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