The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore


The best tempo traveller rental easy services in Bangalore offer a seamless and comfortable journey for your next trip. With a variety of seating capacities and well-maintained vehicles, our The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore  services are designed to meet your specific travel needs. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-distance excursion, our transparent pricing and easy booking process ensure a stress-free experience from start to finish. Experience the convenience and reliability of our tempo traveller rental services, making us the top choice for outstation travel in Bangalore.

Bangalore is the  IT hub of India, is about work and tech parks, both business and leisure, every year. With the city’s vast expanse and the need for convenient transportation has surged. One of the most sought-after services in this regard is car rentals with drivers. But how do you navigate the maze of Bangalore weekend car rental deals? Bangalore Car Rental Prices, Car hire Bangalore, Bangalore car rental deals, Bangalore car rental agencies, Bangalore airport car hire, Bangalore luxury car rental, Bangalore sedan rental prices, Bangalore car rental locations, Bangalore car rental discounts, Bangalore car rental for tourists,

Cabsrental Tours and Travel is renowned for providing customised services when booking tempo travellers. Renting a tempo traveller or TT is the ideal option for a family trip. Rent a tempo-traveller and enjoy the joy of going on trips with your friends to any destination of your choosing. Cabsrental Tours and Travel strives to eliminate any inconvenience for our customers, including tempo traveller reservations. Let us be your first choice when you are searching for “tempo traveller rental near me”

Many people prefer to travel by tempo traveller when they are out of town. The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore is a popular choice for group travel, excursions, temple visits and pilgrimages. It’s also a great option for college trips, educational tours, and other long distance travel. Hire Cabsrental Tours and Travel‘ tempo travellers that are regularly maintained and serviced by authorised service centers.

The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore

Bengaluru, known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ exudes vibrancy and caters to diverse interests. Bangalore truly encapsulates the best of both worlds. Allow our luxury tempo travellers in Bangalore to guide you through this city like a local because Bangalore has something to offer every traveller. When you The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore – Up to 70% OFF on 9,12,15,16, 18 Seater Hire a Luxury Maharaja in Bangalore with Cabsrental Tours and Travel, you can embark on a journey to explore the city with friends and family.

Bangalore is the  IT hub of India, is about work and tech parks, both business and leisure, every year. With the city’s vast expanse and the need for convenient transportation, car rentals have become a popular choice. According to The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore – Up to 70% OFF on 9,12,15,16,18 Seater Hire a Luxury Maharaja Best Priced Bangalore, a leading expert on Bangalore’s transportation market, the average Bangalore weekend car rental deals range based on the type of vehicle and duration. For instance, a compact car might cost you less than a luxury sedan. The prices also fluctuate based on peak seasons and availability.

traveling with family and friends traveling to new places and making memories that last for a lifetime. Imagine the entire experience in the comfort of your own home. The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore. offers the ideal combination of affordability, convenience and a range of options. we’ll explore this world of Non AC Tempo Travellers and discover their advantages as a option for your next trip.

Explore the exciting city of Bangalore without any hassle with our unbeatable Tempo Traveler rental services!

When you’re looking to travel around Bangalore the city, the security and reliability of a transport system is of paramount importance. When you’re planning a family trip or a business trip or a weekend getaway for your friends, renting the services of a Tempo Traveler is a straightforward but enjoyable choice. In this article, we’ll present the top Tempo Traveler rental options in Bangalore that focus on smooth travel experiences. This will make your trip not just memorable but also stress-free.

हमारी अद्वितीय टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये की सेवाओं के साथ बिना किसी परेशानी के बैंगलोर के रोमांचक शहर का अन्वेषण करें!

जब आप बेंगलुरु शहर के चारों ओर यात्रा करना चाह रहे हों, तो परिवहन प्रणाली की सुरक्षा और विश्वसनीयता अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण है। जब आप पारिवारिक यात्रा या व्यावसायिक यात्रा या अपने दोस्तों के लिए सप्ताहांत की छुट्टी की योजना बना रहे हों, तो टेंपो ट्रैवलर की सेवाएं किराए पर लेना एक सीधा लेकिन आनंददायक विकल्प है। इस लेख में, हम बैंगलोर में शीर्ष टेंपो ट्रैवलर किराये के विकल्प प्रस्तुत करेंगे जो सुगम यात्रा अनुभवों पर ध्यान केंद्रित करते हैं। इससे आपकी यात्रा न सिर्फ यादगार बनेगी बल्कि तनावमुक्त भी होगी।

Tempo Traveller rental Services in Bangalore

The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore
The Best Tempo Traveller rental Easy Services in Bangalore

Cabsrental Tours and Travels is a leading name in the Tempo Traveller rental industry in Bangalore. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that accommodate various group sizes, Cabsrental Tours and Travels provides a reliable and convenient travel solution.

  • Cabsrental Tours and Travels offers an extensive range of Tempo Travellers, from 9-seaters to 17-seaters, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your travel needs.
  • Their vehicles have modern amenities, including comfortable push-back seats, air conditioning, and ample luggage space.
  • The drivers at Cabsrental Tours and Travels are skilled and knowledgeable about local routes and destinations, providing a safe and hassle-free journey.
  • Customer reviews highly praise Cabsrental Tours and Travels Travels for their punctuality, cleanliness of vehicles, and friendly customer service.

AC Tempo Traveller Rental Services in Bangalore 9,12,14,16 Seater Price: Affordable Group Transportation

Get the best value on your budget by renting the AC Tempo Traveller Rental Services in Bangalore 9,12,14,16 Seater Price. Our affordable prices make us an excellent transportation choice for groups, allowing you to take a break and relax without stressing about the cost.

TT Rates Outstation Price (per km) 8 Hours 80km Hire
9 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹28 ₹6500
10 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹24 ₹6500
12 Seater Tempo traveller AC Starting from ₹19 ₹4500
12 Seater Tempo Traveller Non AC Starting from ₹17 ₹3500
14 Seater Tempo Traveller AC Starting from ₹18 ₹3800
14 Seater Tempo Traveller Non AC Starting from ₹20 ₹4800
14 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹24 ₹5500
16 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹26 ₹5500
18 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹26 ₹5500

Outstation Tempo traveller price From Bangalore:

Tempo Travellers’ rent per km in Bangalore starts at Rs.17/Km per km for Non AC booking and Rs.19/Km for AC Tempo traveller booking. For this price, you receive a 12+1 seater Tempo traveller.

Rental of TT requires a minimum distance travelled per day, which is 300 km. Therefore, Tempo Traveller Rental’s price is 300 Km per day. This is based on the type of AC or non-AC booking. After 300 Km, it will be charged on a per Km basis.

The cost for Tempo traveller driver Booking is the amount of Rs. 500 during the daytime (From 6.00 am until 9.59 pm) and the price is Rs. 500 at night (From 10.00 midnight until 5.59 am)

Our Tempo Travellers are comfortable and spacious, and thanks to the chauffeur-driven Tempo Travellers, they allow you to go anywhere without waiting for other means of transportation. We keep our Tempo Travellers regularly so you can get the rental Tempo Traveller in good condition. We offer AC and non-AC tt to meet your luxury needs and best fit your budget. Rent or hire a Tempo Traveller for the safety and comfort of a journey between and to Bengaluru International Airport, Outstation Trip local Trip corporate booking, etc.

Cabsrental Tours and Travels

Cabsrental Tours and Travels is another prominent name in the Tempo Traveller rental market. They are known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and timely services.

  • Cabsrental Tours and Travels offers a diverse range of Tempo Travellers, suitable for various group sizes and preferences.
  • They prioritize the safety and comfort of their passengers, ensuring well-maintained vehicles with regular inspections and maintenance checks.
  • With experienced and courteous drivers, Cabsrental Tours and Travels guarantees a smooth and enjoyable journey.
  • The booking process is hassle-free and can be conveniently done online or through their dedicated customer service helpline.

“Choose Cabsrental Tours and Travels for a stress-free travel experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and reliable services make them a top choice for outstation trips.”

what is the seating capacity of a typical tempo traveller in bangalore

The typical seating capacity of a tempo traveller in Bangalore varies based on the model. The most common options available are 12-seater and 17-seater tempo travellers. The 12-seater tempo traveller typically has a seating capacity of 12 passengers and 1 driver, while the 17-seater tempo traveller can accommodate up to 17 passengers. Additionally, there are also 8-seater and 20-seater tempo travellers available in the market. The seating configuration for these vehicles is usually 2+1 or 2+2, indicating the number of seats in each row.

Cabsrental Tours and Travels

Cabsrental Tours and Travels stands out for its affordable yet reliable Tempo Traveller rental services. Catering to small and large groups, Cabsrental Tours and Travels offers competitive pricing without compromising quality.

  • Cabsrental Tours and Travels provides a wide range of Tempo Travellers with different seating capacities to accommodate groups of varying sizes.
  • Their vehicles have modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant travel experience.
  • Cabsrental Tours and Travels boasts a team of professional and polite drivers who prioritize customer safety and satisfaction.
  • With competitive pricing, Cabsrental Tours and Travels ensures that customers receive value for their money without compromising quality.

are there any tempo traveller rental companies in bangalore that offer luxury or deluxe options

Yes, there are tempo traveller rental companies in Bangalore that offer luxury or deluxe options. Some of these options include:

16 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller : This service provides a 16-seater luxury tempo traveller with 2×2 seating in Bangalore.

Cabsrental Tours and Travels: Cabsrental Tours and Travels offers customizable tour programs and chauffeur-driven cabs, including force tempo travellers, providing a comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

9 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller: This service offers a 9-seater luxury tempo traveller on rent in Bangalore, providing a premium travel experience for smaller groups.

These options cater to travelers looking for a more upscale and comfortable travel experience in Bangalore.

Small Size Tempo Traveler – Up to 9, 10, 14 Seater

Cabsrental Tours and Travels introduces a range of small-sized tempo travellers in Bangalore, including 9-seater, 10-seater, 14-seater, 16-seater, and 18-seater options. These compact-tempo travellers are perfect for intimate family outings, nostalgic reunions, and quick weekend getaways. No matter your destination, we have the ideal tempo traveller to accommodate your needs while ensuring your comfort and budget are considered.

Medium Size Tempo Traveler – Up to 16, and 18 Seater 

Under this category, Cabsrental Tours and Travels offers 15-seater, 16-seater, and 17-seater tempo travellers for rent in Bangalore. Opt for a medium-sized tempo traveller when planning a corporate outing or a more extensive group excursion. These medium-sized tempo travellers boast plush interiors, a wide selection of AC and non-AC vehicles, and an emphasis on balancing comfort and luxury with budget-friendly choices.

Large Size Tempo Traveler – Up to 24 seats

Cabsrental Tours and Travels range of large tempo travellers in Bangalore includes 16-seater, 28-seater, and 22-seater options. These spacious tempo travellers are ideal for accommodating large groups of travellers, such as pilgrimage groups or wedding transportation needs. Our luxury tempo travellers in Bangalore feature exceptionally comfortable seating, roomy interiors, and other premium amenities.

Wide Range of Vehicle Options

Unparalleled Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

When selecting the most suitable Tempo Traveler rental service, making sure that the user experience is easy safety, comfort, and convenience are the most important concerns. Who wants to spend their time in a car, and fret about the security that their car is in? The best rental companies in Bangalore offer Clean and maintained Tempo Travelers that are specifically designed to protect you and ensure the best comfort during your journey. From comfortable seats with ample legroom, to effective cool air systems. These vehicles have been designed to enhance your experience on the road regardless of whether you’re going on a quick trip within the city area or on a longer-term travel plan.

Ample Seating and Spacious Luggage Accommodation

One of the major benefits when choosing the Tempo Traveler has to be the wide range of storage space and seating it provides. With capacities that range from 9 to 17 seats These vehicles are able to accommodate large parties without having to sacrifice the convenience. If you are travelling together with family or friends, whether you are traveling as a group of buddies and family members, you can travel together, creating a peaceful and enjoyable environment.

Additionally, the top Tempo Traveler rental companies in Bangalore recognize the importance of having enough storage space for luggage. They make sure that their vehicles are fitted with plenty of storage space, which allows the user to transport bags as well as equipment and other items without difficulties. This makes them a perfect choice for family trips and group excursions, or even business trips which require more items or tools for presentation.

Well-maintained and Regularly Checked for Safety

Safety that passengers have is utmost importance when using any form of transport. The most trustworthy Tempo Traveler rental services in Bangalore take care of their customers’ security by regularly conducting maintenance inspections and safety inspections of their vehicles. From routine assessments to implementing and maintaining vital safety measures the rental firms make sure that you are traveling in a safe maintained vehicle.

Additionally, these rental firms offer knowledgeable and experienced drivers who are familiar with Bangalore’s traffic laws as well as the best routes. Their knowledge and experience guarantees a safe and safe ride that allows you to unwind and relax as you explore Bangalore.

सुरक्षा के लिए अच्छी तरह से रखरखाव और नियमित रूप से जाँच की जाती है

किसी भी प्रकार के परिवहन का उपयोग करते समय यात्रियों की सुरक्षा अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण है। बैंगलोर में सबसे भरोसेमंद टेंपो ट्रैवलर किराये की सेवाएं नियमित रूप से अपने वाहनों के रखरखाव निरीक्षण और सुरक्षा निरीक्षण करके अपने ग्राहकों की सुरक्षा का ख्याल रखती हैं। नियमित मूल्यांकन से लेकर महत्वपूर्ण सुरक्षा उपायों को लागू करने और बनाए रखने तक किराये की कंपनियाँ यह सुनिश्चित करती हैं कि आप सुरक्षित वाहन में यात्रा कर रहे हैं।

इसके अतिरिक्त, ये किराये की कंपनियाँ जानकार और अनुभवी ड्राइवरों की पेशकश करती हैं जो बैंगलोर के यातायात कानूनों के साथ-साथ सर्वोत्तम मार्गों से परिचित हैं। उनका ज्ञान और अनुभव एक सुरक्षित और संरक्षित सवारी की गारंटी देता है जो आपको बैंगलोर घूमने के दौरान आराम करने और आराम करने की अनुमति देता है।

Effortless Booking and Transparent Pricing

The rental process for an Tempo Traveler should be seamless from beginning to end. The reliable rental companies in Bangalore provide easy-to-use booking platforms that allow you to book your car with a couple of clicks. If you book through their website or through their mobile apps you are able to easily choose your preferred time, date and type of vehicle, that is tailored to your individual needs.

Transparent Pricing without Hidden Costs

There is nothing worse than unexpected surprises, particularly in the case of pricing. The most reliable Tempo Traveler rental services in Bangalore are committed to transparency in pricing, making sure that there aren’t any hidden fees or unexpected charges. They give clear and exact information on rental costs as well as any additional charges along with fuel costs. This helps you control your finances efficiently and make educated decisions.

Flexible Rental Durations

If you need an Tempo Traveler for just a few hours or for several days, the most popular rental choices in Bangalore will meet your needs. They have flexible rental terms and cater to short-term rentals that allow you to explore local attractions or long-term rentals that are ideal for trips outside the city. This flexibility improves the rental experience and ensures that you get the vehicle you require at the exact time you require it.

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

“At every step of your journey, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service!”

The top Tempo Traveler rental services in Bangalore have a great deal of pride in providing exceptional customer service. Beginning the minute you place your reservation to the end of your journey their helpful customer service representatives are ready to help customers with any queries or questions.

the most affordable tempo traveller rental options in bangalore

The most affordable tempo traveller rental options in Bangalore offer a range of choices for travelers. Cabsrental Tours and Travels provides a wide range of tempo-traveller services to and from Bangalore airport at the lowest fares, with 9 to 16-seater AC tempo travellers. Cabsrental Tours and Travels Hire offers 12-seater tempo traveller rentals in Bangalore starting at INR 6500 for around 300kilometers, and also provides a variety of amenities and benefits for travelers.

Cabsrental Tours and Travels and Cabsrental Tours and Travels Cabs offer tempo traveller rentals in Bangalore with prices starting from Rs 20/km and Rs.18 /km respectively, catering to different seating capacities and travel needs. These options provide cost-effective choices for individuals and groups looking for affordable tempo traveller rentals in Bangalore.

बैंगलोर में सबसे किफायती टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये का विकल्प

बैंगलोर में सबसे किफायती टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये के विकल्प यात्रियों के लिए कई प्रकार के विकल्प प्रदान करते हैं। कैब्सरेंटल टूर्स एंड ट्रैवेल्स 9 से 16 सीटों वाले एसी टेम्पो यात्रियों के साथ सबसे कम किराए पर बैंगलोर हवाई अड्डे तक और वहां से टेम्पो-ट्रैवलर सेवाओं की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला प्रदान करता है। कैब्सरेंटल टूर्स एंड ट्रैवेल्स हायर बैंगलोर में लगभग 300 किलोमीटर के लिए 6500 रुपये से शुरू होने वाले 12-सीटर टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये की पेशकश करता है,

और यात्रियों के लिए विभिन्न प्रकार की सुविधाएं और लाभ भी प्रदान करता है। कैब्सरेंटल टूर्स एंड ट्रैवेल्स और कैब्सरेंटल टूर्स एंड ट्रैवल्स कैब्स बैंगलोर में टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये की पेशकश करते हैं, जिनकी कीमतें क्रमशः 20 रुपये प्रति किमी और 18 रुपये प्रति किमी से शुरू होती हैं, जो अलग-अलग बैठने की क्षमता और यात्रा की जरूरतों को पूरा करती हैं। ये विकल्प बैंगलोर में किफायती टेम्पो ट्रैवलर किराये की तलाश कर रहे व्यक्तियों और समूहों के लिए लागत प्रभावी विकल्प प्रदान करते हैं।

24/7 Customer Support

Plans for travel are susceptible to sudden changes or emergency situations. The most reputable rental agencies in Bangalore are aware of this, and offer 24 hour customer service. When you need to make an urgent modification to your plans, or experience an unexpected incident in your journey Their professional support staff are one phone call and are ready to offer assistance and make sure that your trip goes as effortless as is possible.

Well-trained and Courteous Staff

The highly-regarded Tempo Traveler rental services in Bangalore are recognized for their high-efficiency professional, courteous, and friendly personnel. From the staff who organize drivers, to their skilled staff, every interaction is marked by their commitment to providing an enjoyable and relaxing experience. They have a vast knowledge of the local attractions, provide suggestions for popular places and are always there to help clients with a warm smile.


The right Tempo Traveler rental service will dramatically enhance your journey in Bangalore. Focusing on ease of use and security, as well as comfort and unbeatable client service, these firms will ensure your journey is stress-free and enjoyable. If you want to visit the busy market in the city, visit famous landmarks, or go into the suburbs, picking the most secure and efficient transportation option is crucial.

If you’re thinking of an excursion for Bangalore with your friends, family or loved ones think about hiring an Tempo Traveler by one of the most rated rental agencies in Bangalore. Relax unwind, relax, and take in the beautiful city of Bangalore with the knowledge that you’re in good in the hands of a professional. The staff consists of experts who truly care about your comfort and satisfaction.


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