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Bangalore to Coorg Cab – Scenic Destinations Coorg Tourism

बैंगलोर से कूर्ग कैब – दर्शनीय स्थल कूर्ग पर्यटन

Bangalore to Coorg Cab: Coorg Tourism offers splendid natural beauty and a lot of greenery and scenery on display. This place has a calming and relaxing effect on the tourists. Coorg is also known as the Kashmir of the South due to its extraordinary natural beauty. There are beautiful coffee and spice plantations in Coorg. There are beautiful waterfalls like Abbey Falls, and the splendid river Kaveri. It is free of the pollution and noise of the city. There are beautiful places to visit in Coorg where this beauty is on display like Mandalpatti and Thadiyandamol.

Coorg despite the smallest district of Karnataka is known as the Scotland of India, Kashmir of Karnataka, and many more names. Coorg has become extremely popular among travelers in the past few years. Tourists from all around the world are looking for a Coorg tour package that makes Coorg tourism a memorable one. Coorg is a green land that is full of natural beauty which is situated in the mesmerizing state of Karnataka. Coorg tour packages include visits to several tourist places and attractions.

Bangalore to  Mysore Ooty Coorg Car Rental – hassle free Booking

बैंगलोर से  मैसूर ऊटी कूर्ग कार रेंटल – परेशानी मुक्त बुकिंग

To make your Coorg holiday truly memorable choose the Coorg package. They are complete holiday designers who can take care of your needs. Coorg packages are specially designed as per the tourist’s taste and convenience. The inter visitor just has to inform where you have to visit, how much you wish to spend, so Coorg packages have various needs who can fulfill your need. Treat yourself with Coorg packages. Then don’t wait book your tickets now and capture mesmerizing Coorg and create memories of a lifetime.

The park has lots of wild elephants, tigers, wild boar, monkeys, and wild deer. Coorg tourism works towards proving the best experience to all its travelers to make your trip to Coorg a memorable one. So book your tickets now and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Coorg with your family and friends to rejuvenate yourself.

They are full of holiday designers who can take care of their needs. Coorg packages are designed to reflect the tastes of tourists and comfort. Visitors only have to report things where you have to visit, how much to spend, so Coorg packages have different needs that can meet your needs. Treat yourself with packages of Coorg. So do not wait for book your tickets now and catch Coorg and create amazing memories of life

The Lowest Fares for Bangalore Mysore Ooty coorg Car Rental

बैंगलोर मैसूर के लिए सबसे कम किराया ऊटी कूर्ग कार रेंटल Hatchback Rs. 2800/- Per day Rental, Sedan Rs, 3050/- Per day Rental, Innova Rs. 4050/- Per day Rental, Innova Crysta Rs. 4300/- Per day Rental, Tavera Rs. 4300/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller Rs. 5200/- Rental per day, Tempo Traveller AC Rs, 5800/- Per rental day, Minibus Rs. 7700/- Per rental day, Mini AC bus Rs. 8600/- Per rental day

Vehicle Type & Name Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day  Driver Bata
Indica, Ritz, Etios Liva,Bolt 4 +1 10/- 250 300/-
Etios, DZire, Verito, Tata Zest 4 +1 11/- 250 300/-
Maruti Ciaz,Nissan Sunny 4 +1 12/- 300 300/-
Innova, Xylo,Lodgy,Ertiga,Marazzo 7+1 15/- 250 300/-
Innova Crysta, Chevrolet Tavera 7+1 16.00/- 250 300/-

The Lowest Fares for Bangalore Mysore Ooty coorg Car Rental

Vehicle Type & Name Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day  Driver Bata
Force Tempo Traveller -NON AC 12+1 16.00/- 300 400/-
Force Tempo Traveller -AC 12+1 18.00/- 300 400/-
Mini Bus – NON AC 21+1 24.00/- 300 500/-
Mini Bus –  AC 21+1 27.00/- 300 500/-

Best time to Visit – Bangalore Mysore Ooty Coorg Car Rental

Although Coorg is heaven any time throughout the year, the best time to visit Coorg is from October to April. March and April are the months when you will enjoy the beauty of Coorg with its astounding but shrouded valleys. It is recommended to avoid going to Coorg from June to September due to heavy rainfall over there bangalore to coorg package, bangalore to coorg package by car, bangalore to coorg package tour for 3 days, bangalore to coorg package for couple, bangalore to coorg packages for 2 days, bangalore to coorg taxi package

Tourist Attractions


Raja’s Seat

Tibetan Monastery (Namdroling)

Nagarhole National Park

Thadiyandamol Hills

White River Rafting in Barapole River

Iruppu Falls

Honnamana Kere Lake

Omkareshwara temple

Madikeri Fort


Mallalli Falls

Chelavara Falls

Mandalpatti View Point -Only Jeep Drive पर्यटकों के आकर्षण तालकावेरी राजा की सीट तिब्बती मठ (नामद्रोलिंग) नागरहोल राष्ट्रीय उद्यान थडियांदमोल हिल्स बारापोल नदी में व्हाइट रिवर राफ्टिंग इरुप्पु फॉल्स होनामना केरे झील ओंकारेश्वर मंदिर मदिकेरी किला भागमंडल मल्लल्ली फॉल्स चेलावारा फॉल्स मंडलपट्टी व्यू पॉइंट-केवल जीप ड्राइव

Abbey Falls:-

अभय जलप्रपात :-

Abbey Falls is one of the most important aspects of Coorg Tourism as it adds to the beauty of Coorg, which is Coorg’s main asset. It is a 70 feet fall on the Kaveri River making an amazing sight to watch. This fall of the crystal clear water of the River Kaveri has a floral surrounding. To visit the falls the tourists have to make a 500-meter downhill walk from the road, so it is advisable to wear shoes when visiting this place. The roads around this place are broken but the walk is worth the mind-blowing view of the falls. The Abbey Falls are located 7 km from Madikeri. The best time to visit the falls is in the monsoon time, during July and August. The Abbey Falls is a popular place to visit in Coorg among tourists and locals who love to come here for a picnic.



Thadiyandamol is one of the best places to visit in Coorg to witness the extravagant natural beauty of Coorg. The best way to witness this beauty is to take an upward trek, which is filled with splendid sights around you. There is no better way to explore this beauty of Coorg in detail than this trek. The trek is tiring and exhausting but it is all worth it when you reach the top cause the most extraordinary view is waiting for you at the top. The trek at Thadiyandamol allows tourists to witness the greenery, hills, and the true essence of Coorg on foot in detail. Therefore, a Coorg Tourism experience would be incomplete without it.

Nisargadhama Forest:-

निसर्गधाम वन:-

This is a beautiful forest and tourists can witness more of the Coorg beauty. There are bamboo plantations in the Nisargadhama Forest adding to its beauty. It is a popular picnic spot among tourists and locals, as they come here to spend a relaxing day amidst the natural beauty on display in the forest.


This forest is a great place to visit in Coorg mainly for children and animal lovers. The most popular attraction in this forest is the deer park and the elephant safari. Children would love to feed the deer themselves along with petting them. The most exciting part of the forest is the elephant ride, which is considered a must-do for children. There is also a souvenir shop for the tourists where they can buy souvenirs of the forest for the memory of the forest

Coorg, a picturesque hill station in Karnataka is renowned worldwide as a wonderful holiday destination. This place is praised everywhere for its green and natural environment which it offers to its visitors. With a cool ambiance all around, travelers coming from hotter regions get much-needed relief from the summer heat. However, Coorg tourism has a lot more to offer other than its mesmerizing aesthetic beauty.

You can also indulge in numerous recreational and adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, etc. Dense green forests can be seen all around where a large variety of diverse flora and fauna species may be spotted. Several exotic places to visit in Coorg contribute to making it one of the leading hill stations in India in terms of its tourism industry.

Kushal Nagar Nisargadhama Forest:-

Though there are numerous places to visit in Coorg, a few stand out and are a hit among the visitors. There is something for everyone- heritage, culture, nature, wildlife and for those who seek peace, Coorg is the ideal spot. In the hectic lifestyle of today’s world, everyone needs a break by way of a quality outing with family and friends. But proper holiday planning is important to make the most of your vacation.

So if you are wondering about which places to visit in Coorg, the information here will prove handy. Check out some popular tourist attractions, which you must incorporate in your holiday plan:

Tomb of Gaddige

गद्दीगे का मकबरा

• Tomb of Gaddige Raja is a renowned historical site which you must see, while on a visit to this place. This structure was brilliantly designed by skilled architects of ancient times and is a shining example of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. Several other historical tombs are located in the vicinity of this mausoleum, where many famous personalities of ancient times lie in their final rest.

Omkareshwara Temple

• Omkareshwara Temple is a religious place, which you must visit while on a tour to this place. This famous temple was built in the early 19th century by Linagarajendra II, which displays Islamic as well as a Gothic architectural style in a brilliant manner. An interesting ancient legend concerning the Shiva Linga here is also associated with this place of worship.

Madikeri Fort

ओंकारेश्वर मंदिर

• Madikeri Fort is another historical monument which is worth seeing at this place. This fort was built in about the 17th century and has deep archaeological importance. A palace was also constructed inside this fort but major changes were brought about in it during Tipu Sultan’s reign when it was reconstructed with granite stone. This is a good location for sightseeing as magnificent views of the city can be enjoyed. Some historical legends are also associated with the fort.

For those interested in wildlife, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal location where you can spot varied animal species.

Iruppu falls

इरुप्पु फॉल्स

Iruppu falls as well as Iruppu waterfalls are a couple of other mesmerizing places to visit in Coorg. Coorg tourism also offers ample adventure opportunities in Madikeri, Dubare, and Kakkabe for those who are adventurous and enjoy hiking, trekking, rock climbing, and other similar activities.

Taxi Fare – Bangalore to Coorg Cab

Cityline Cabs is committed to keeping prices as simple and clear as possible. Therefore, we offer a price for your Bangalore to Mysore taxi that covers a specified maximum kilometer and maximum days. So you recognize beforehand what proportion the taxi goes to cost you and you propose your budget well.

Prices are dynamic and transparent and offer a beneficial deal for you and our partner taxi service providers. you’ll choose the car consistent with your preferences.  

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